We Love Wythenshawe!

We Love Wythenshawe and we are here to help. 

In August 2020, we spent a week clearing the streets of litter, cutting lawns, trimming hedges, making over gardens and delivering meals to families in Wythenshawe. We loved getting to know you and this is only the start. 

We want to: 

  • Make sure no family goes hungry by helping them with our Community Grocery
  • Pray for every street in Wythenshawe. 
  • Make sure every person in Wythenshawe gets to hear how precious and loved they are by Jesus. 

From 26-31 July 2021, our team of volunteers will be gardening, decorating and other basic DIY projects for families around Wythenshawe. If we can help you in this way, please do drop us an email to [email protected]  

Love Wythenshawe is being run by local churches and The Message Trust. If you would like to find out more about Jesus, and get the questions you have about Christianity answered, your local churches will be able to help on email us [email protected]