Get My Church Involved

If you want to get your church to partner with Love Wythenshawe, there are a number of ways you can help. 


We know prayer works. We are committed to ensuring every single street in Wythenshawe is prayed for. We have mapped every street in the neighbourhood and we are encouraging people to prayer walk each street. Please encourage your people to take responsibility and sign up to prayer walk.  Find out more here. 


With the launch of our Community Grocery we are needing volunteers to help its smooth operation. Help will be needed in all areas including checkout, community membership, support services, deliveries, collections and stock management. For more information email [email protected] 


If you are aware of families who would benefit from accessing the Community Grocery or any of its support services or need assistance with their gardens, decorating or basic DIY please refer them to [email protected] 


We have developed an evangelistic and discipleship initiative using the 4 Points. The course can be run in person or over zoom and can be found here.


You will appreciate that an undertaking like this costs money and we would appreciate your church partnering with us so we can reach more people. To find out how you can donate please email  [email protected] or donate online here